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Citizen Brewers is a brew on premises, do-it-yourself facility where craft beer enthusiasts can gather and brew on professional equipment.  At Citizen Brewers, you design and create personalized quality beer. Citizen Brewers is for anyone who is interested in brewing beer for themselves and are looking for a streamlined, guided process. Whether this is your first time or hundredth time brewing beer, we want this to be a personalized and fun experience.


Beer Styles

Choose whatever style of beer you like from the list of house recipes, or bring in your own recipe or ingredients (if they are not already available) and we will help you design your beer.

Each batch yields about six cases, or around 72 22-ounce bottles, or one 50L keg. This is less than $4 per bottle! The cost of each batch with keg rental or with bottles and labels are listed below. You can also bring in your own clean bottles or your own keg and pay just the base cost, which is less than $3 per bottle. Tax is also included in the cost.

Styles with an asterisk (*) can have dry hops included for an additional charge (between $6-$15, depending on the style). Ask about the dry hop option when you book your brew session.

Our beers are crafted using all natural ingredients. This makes the best quality beer, but also reduces shelf life. Keep your beer in a cool, dark place, ideally in a refrigerator. The beer will be at its best if consumed within two months.

StyleDescriptionABVCost per BatchCost with Keg RentalCost with Bottles
India Pale Ale*Do you want an IPA? Our spin on this quintessential West Coast style is loaded with grapefruit, orange, mango, and pineapple all from hops. Adding a Dry Hop to this style is highly recommended.7.0%$220$265$284
Double IPAA hop bomb loaded with citrus, tropical, and spicy dankness. The malt takes a back seat to the hop explosion on this one. Unless you love big hop-forward beers, steer clear of this. It even gets a big load of Dry Hops.8.7%$240$285$299
India Pale Lager*A spin on our IPA with even more emphasis on refreshing tropical fruit hops. Fermented colder and slower with a lager yeast to give it that unique clean character. Ahhhh! Smooth. Adding a Dry Hopping to this style is recommended.7.0%$220$265$284
Kölsch StyleA unique refreshing lager from Cologne, Germany. Often called a Fancy Lawnmower Beer, this lager is perfect after a day in the San Diego sunshine. This Kölsch Style is blonde with Pilsner malt. German Nobel hops and special Kölsch yeast give it some subtle floral and pear notes. Fermented in in our special cold chamber.4.7%$195$240$259
American Amber Ale*A ruby colored American Ale packed with lots of caramel and toasty malt. Hops season this amber with citrusy grapefruit and spiciness. Fermented with a West Coast yeast for a clean profile.5.5%$199$244$264
Bavarian HefeweizenLots of banana, clove, and bready aroma and flavors that come from a special Hefeweizen Yeast from Munich Germany that we ferment in a cooler temperature space. A simple Pilsner and Malted Wheat are balanced with just a touch of German Noble Hops.4.9%$190$235$254
Pale Ale*An easy drinking West Coast Pale Ale. A bit of
caramel malt, victory, and wheat malt add an undercurrent of complexity to this citrusy hop centric beer.
Mosaic Wheat*A sessionable American Wheat Ale with a West Coast punch of Mosaic hops. The name of these hops come from their multi-faceted flavor and aroma.5.0%$210$255$275
Belgian Farmhouse/SaisonThe true Champagne of beers. This Belgian ale isbone dry, bubbly, crisp, refreshing. Pilsner and Wheat Malt make up the core of the grist. German Nobel hops leave a delicate herbal earthiness. A blend of Belgian Saison yeast give this ale a mysterious menagerie of complex fruits and deep spices.6.2%$199$244$264
Northern English BrownThis malty sessionable English Pub Style is also known as a Nut Brown. A complex malt bill offers caramel, nutty, chocolate, roasty, and biscuit deliciousness. Earthy UK Nobel Hops keep everything in balance. English Ale Yeast ferments this to have a distinct English Ale character.4.9%$199$244$264
Irish StoutA dry, dark, and roasty Irish Stout. Roasted unmalted Barley gives this style its unique deep color and coffee flavor. Earthy English Nobel hops and Yeast from Ireland make this a lucky style. Slainte!4.2%$195$240$259
Robust PorterA substantial dark and roasty robust beer. Coffee, chocolate, caramel, and bready aromas and flavors. A great beer for those cooler nights.5.6%$214$259$279


How does this work?

Citizen Brewers has commercial grade equipment specific for brewing.  You will choose a recipe, or you can design one of your own. We will provide the ingredients specific to your batch of beer using a combination of liquid malt extract and specialty grains.  You can also supply your own unique ingredients as well. Once you’ve brewed your beer, it will be transferred to a fermenting vessel and allowed two weeks to ferment into beer in a temperature-controlled environment, and then another two to three weeks to condition. You return to bottle your beer, which again takes about two hours.  In addition, you can create custom labels for your beer.

How long does the brewing process take?

Plan on spending about 2 to 4 hours for the initial brewing process, and then an additional 2 hours to bottle the beer. There is about 4 to 6 weeks between brewing and bottling while the beer is fermenting and conditioning on-site in our temperature controlled environment.

How much does it cost to brew beer?

The cost per batch depends on which recipe you select (see our Beer Style page), but each batch ranges from $200 -$300, depending on if you bottle the beer, rent a keg, or provide your own keg or clean bottles.

How much beer will I take home?

Each batch of beer produces either one 50L keg or 72 22-ounce bottles (six cases).

How many people can brew together?

There is a maximum of 6 people per kettle (an additional fee of $15 per person applies beyond 6 people per beer), but with 8 kettles available we can accommodate larger parties if you reserve multiple kettles at once. You can even reserve the entire facility for events such as bachelor parties, birthday parties, team-building events – you name it!


Citizen Brewers encourages you to design your own labels for your beer!

We use a Primera Label Printer, with labels that are 4×3” and come in matte format. Create a design of your own that is either vertical or horizontal with a picture and text. We prefer files in .jpeg format, but we can also accept .bmp, .tiff, or .pdf formats as well.

If you would like to include a photo, please make sure it is at least 300 dpi resolution and in RGB mode.  Once you have your design, please email it to us prior to your bottling appointment, at

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You can make a brewing appointment here, or by phone. If you are trying to send your label design, please email that directly to

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